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9 Things You Can Do With Conditions in ManyChat

Max van Collenburg By Max van Collenburg

One of the most powerful features in ManyChat are the conditions that you can create.

With those conditions, you can create a great user experience for your subscriber.

(You really can’t survive without)

That’s why I wanted to create some examples for you that you can implement in your own chatbot.

But let me explain to you how conditions work before you scroll to the examples.

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If/Else Conditional Logic

It’s actually really simple.

You’re using this kind of logic every day to make binary decisions.

If the street light is red then you’ll wait, or else you’ll cross the street.

It works exactly the same inside your chatbot.

If the subscriber is a man then send a relevant message to men, or else send a relevant message for women.

Luckily for us, ManyChat made it really easy with these condition blocks.

Take a look at the example below.

ManyChat Condition: Gender is Male

What you see here is a condition that checks if the subscriber is a male.

Take a look at the text inside the condition.

“Does the user match all of the following conditions?”

Is the answer yes? Then we’ll send a message that is relevant for men.

Is the answer no? Then we’ll send a message that is relevant for women.

This is just a basic example.

You can do sooo many cool things with this.

You can also combine conditions.

Check this little example:

ManyChat Condition: Gender is Male & Last Interaction is less than 1 day ago

Here we check if the subscriber is a male and if his last interaction was less than 1 day ago.

If yes we’ll send X.

If no we’ll send Y.

Get it?

Let’s go over to all the other examples.

1) Greet subscribers in their own language

You can either create your whole bot in multiple languages or just greet subscribers in their own language for fun.

I’ve subscribers from over 50+ countries in my bot and they’re always surprised I greet them in their own language, lol.

ManyChat Condition Example: Check Language

2) Send conditional content based on gender

This might be cool if you’re selling something that is based on one’s gender, like with clothing.

ManyChat Condition Example: Gender

3) Check the Messaging Window

You probably already know that the 24-Hour Window is one of the most important rules.

When someone didn’t interact with your Facebook Messenger Bot for over 24 hours, you can only send a message with one of the message tags, or a sponsored message, or with a One-Time-Notification.

With this condition, you can easily check what kind of message you’re allowed to send.

ManyChat Condition Example: Check Messaging Window

4) Check if you already have someone’s email address

It’s unnecessary to ask for someone’s email address again if you already have it. You should especially use this if you have multiple lead magnets in your chatbot.

The condition is really simple. If the email custom field has any value you just answer with “Ok, I’ll send it to {{email}} in a few minutes” and if it doesn’t have any value you simply ask for the email address.

ManyChat Condition Example: Check If Email Has Any Value

5) Send conditional content based on answers

This is one of the most powerful ways to use conditions. I use this in every flow over and over again to be relevant.

Ask a few questions at the beginning of your bot and keep asking questions along the way. Segment your subscribers by their answers and use conditions to send them relevant content.

This is a simple example I use before I collect one’s email address, just to be more relevant.

Subscribers of who I know that they sell online courses will get this;

“I created a Chatbot Checklist that will help you to build a better Messenger chatbot so you can sell more online courses.

But subscribers who answered that they create bots for clients get this;

“I created a Chatbot Checklist that will help you to build better Messenger chatbots for yourself & your clients.


See the difference?

It’s small, but it works because it’s more relevant.

ManyChat Condition Example: Segment Based

6) Invite your most loyal subscribers

I can’t say enough how important it is to setup Lead Scoring in ManyChat. That way you know exactly who your most engaged & loyal subscribers are. And if you know that, you know when to send the right message exactly.

In this example, you’ll see how I invite subscribers to a webinar when their Lead Score is higher than 50.

ManyChat Condition Example: Lead Score

7) Currently on holiday

This is very handy if you’re working on your own like me.

When I’m on a holiday, I’m not doing any support.

So I created the flow below for when someone is asking me a question.

It checks if the Holiday Bot Field is set to “yes” and if the Back From Holiday Bot Field has any value.

If yes, the subscriber will get a message with that I’m currently on a holiday.

ManyChat Condition Example: Back From Holiday

8) Send subscribers to their Gmail inbox

At the moment of writing, I’ve not seen anybody use this condition yet, but it’s soo powerful!

With this condition, you can just check if the subscriber’s email address contains “Gmail” and then you can mention something about that your emails could end up in the promotion folder or you can make a direct button that links to their email inbox.

ManyChat Condition Example: Email Provider

9) Check which day of the week it currently is

You can use an action to set the current date to a date custom field, and then save the day of the week into a separate custom field.

That way, you can use the current day inside your conversations, but you can also check inside conditions which day it is.

ManyChat Condition Example: Weekend


So many cool things you can do with conditions in ManyChat right?

You can use them to hyper-personalize your Messenger Bot so you can make conversations relevant & get subscribers engaged.

But there’s more..

This was just the tip of the iceberg 🙃

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