My favorite Black Friday deals in 2022

I’m honestly not such a huge fan of Black Friday.

It’s just a day week to get people to buy crap they don’t need 😅

But sometimes, there’s a really good deal for something you actually need.

So in this short guide, I want to list all the deals for the tools that I’m using myself.

Most of the links in this article are affiliate links, which means that I get a small commission at no extra cost to you.

I appreciate the support! 🙌

Let’s go! 🚀



These are the tools I’ve used to build my website.


Deal: 25% off
Valid until: 27th of November

Most WordPress themes are filled with features to convince people to buy the theme. But all those features slow down your website a lot. GeneratePress is very simple, no fancy features, but blazing fast.


Deal: 25% off
Valid until: 27th of November

This plugin extends the default WordPress Block Editor with some really handy features. I love it because it’s simple, and creates clean code that doesn’t slow your website down.


Deal: 49$ instead of $129 + extra features
Valid until: 29th of November

Really great WordPress plugin that I use to optimise my website for search engines. It has lots of smart features & doesn’t slow down your website.


Deal: 40% off on all plans
Valid until: 25th of November

I more than tripled the speed of my website when I switched from Siteground to Cloudways. You can pick a cloud provider (I use Vultr), they manage the server for you, and you just install WordPress.


Self-Hosted Course Platform

I prefer to host my online courses myself.

It’s more flexible, easy to install, and I don’t have to share any commissions.


Deal: Lifetime deal
Valid until: 27th of November

So much more than a theme. Allows you to create beautifully organized courses, with gamification & a whole online community integration. Can’t recommend it enough.


Deal: 40% off
Valid until: 29th of November

This is a great learning management system that integrates with WordPress. You can create courses, lessons, and quizzes with it. This allows you to track students their progress & will enable them to mark lessons as complete.

WP Fusion

Deal: 30% off
Valid: 28th of November

This is a great WordPress Plugin to manage your members. You can automate user creation with it, but also make certain content visible for specific users. It integrates nicely with almost any ESP, which is great.


Marketing Tools

The tools I use to market my business & sell more.


Deal: 17% off + some bonuses
Valid until: 28th of November

This tool is perfect for creating ethical urgency in your funnel to increase conversion. You can create evergreen deadlines that you can use on landing pages, email & inside your bot.


Deal: lifetime deal
Valid until: not sure

I totally love ThriveCart. It’s really smart, easy to use and focused on conversion. You can create one-click upsells, and create a whole affiliate platform in just a few clicks. Highly recommended.

They actually always have a ‘very special’ lifetime deal going on, but this is the best price I’ve seen in a while.

Over to you

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Any deal you’re going to grab from this page?

A deal you can recommend to others that I didn’t talk about?

Or are you just skipping Black Friday all together?

Whatever it is, let me know in the comments below 😄

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