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Are you ready to make Marketing Automation work for your business? 💬

I offer easy to follow & structured courses to help you master Marketing Automation so you can convert more subscribers into customers.

Chatbot Strategy

Best for: people who want to learn marketing strategies for Messenger

Learn effective strategies for Messenger in a 6-page ebook & short course. You’ll learn how you can build trust so you can convert more subscribers into loyal customers. And how you can set up an Evergreen Bot in 6-Steps so you automate this process day and night.

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ManyChat Skills

Best for: people who want to learn every feature of ManyChat

Learn the is-and-outs of Messenger, and learn to use every feature of ManyChat. You don’t need any programming knowledge to build Facebook Messenger Bots. Tools like ManyChat make it a walk in the park. But still, it’s a bit techy. That’s why I created an in-depth course on all the possibilities so you can really master ManyChat.

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Bots That Convert

Best for: people who want to master ManyChat & convert more subscribers into customers

Learn how you can create a fully automated & hyper-personalized Facebook Messenger Bot with ManyChat that converts more subscribers into customers.

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Integromat Workshop

Best for: people who want to get started with Integromat

You know that Integromat can unlock a world of possibilities for your Facebook Messenger Bot. But there are so many possibilities, that it might be a bit overwhelming. In this workshop, I’ll show you the most important features step-by-step.

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ActiveCampaign Workshop

Best for: people who want to get started with ActiveCampaign

Want to learn how to build advanced automations? And how to hyper-personalize your emails? Then this 90-minute workshop is for you. I explain ActiveCampaign step by step & share some of my best strategies plus some really advanced importable automations.

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All my products are covered by a no strings attached 30-Day Money-Back Guarantee so you can be confident that you’re making the right decision.

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STOP SEARCHING! A new digi Einstein is born! This guy is amazing.

Testimonial Of Robin

If you’re a beginner, this is the best place to start – better than trying to youtube it all!

You’ll get as much out of Max’s marketing strategies and logical thinking, as you will from his technical expertise.