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ManyChat Flows & Templates

Import all the flows at once as a template & change it to your own needs

Viral Referral Program

Ask your subscribers to invite friends & track how many people they invite so you can reward them with something cool. Build with ManyChat their API, no external tools needed.


Loyalty Program

Have a brick & mortar business and want to reward customers for making purchases? Then this is for you! A staff member scans the unique automatically generated QR Code of the customer.


Live Webinars

Combining webinars with Messenger Bots can be very effective. Register subscribers to the webinar with one click, send reminders in Messenger and follow-up directly after the webinar.


Frequently Asked Questions

What platforms are these templates for?
All the templates are built specifically for ManyChat and can be imported very easily.

What’s your refund policy?
I don’t offer refunds for templates, sorry.

How do I install a template?
It’s very easy! Every template comes with an in-depth instruction video and can be installed with some clicks.

Are templates being updated?
Yes! Sometimes there’s a handy new feature that simplifies the template or will add some smart features. You’ll get those updates for free.