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Marketing Automation Toolbox

Using the right tools will save you a lot of time & frustration. Here is a full list of all the tools I’m using to build Automated Marketing Funnels.

How I build & automate my funnels

(I totally love these tools)

Email Service Provider

As you learn about a contact, you can send personalized emails that align perfectly with their interests — whether they’re on your website, browsing their inbox, or out-and-about on a mobile device.

Chatbot Builder

This chatbot builder is amazing if you want to create a messenger chatbot without any coding knowledge. Their Flow Builder makes everything very visual, which is awesome. Highly recommended.

Connecting Tools

I’m still blown away by this tool. You can automate almost everythng with it and it integrates with hundreds of apps. I for example use this a lot to combine chatbots & email.


Great webinar platform that’s easy to use and has some really cool integrations & automation rules. You can, for example, connect it to your ESP and send different messages based on how long they attended.

Evergreen Deadlines

This tool is amazing for creating urgency in your funnel to increase conversion. You can create evergreen deadlines that you can use on landing pages, email & inside your chatbot. Highly recommended!

Website Personalization

Incredible tool that will help you to segment your audience and personalize the content on your website based on what you know about this person. Totally love it.

How I build my websites

(without any coding knowledge)


I don’t think this one needs any introduction, because WordPress powers like 20% of all websites on the internet. I use WordPress as a base for all my website and with the right themes & plugins you can create almost anything.

Cart Platform

I totally love ThriveCart. It’s really smart, easy to use and focused on conversion. You can create one-click upsells and create a whole affiliate platform in just a few clicks. Highly recommended.

Opt-in forms/pop-ups

If you want to capture email leads on your website then this is the tool to go for. I used OptinMonster first, but changed because ThriveLeads is waaay cheaper and can do more. You can create opt-ins & awesome pop-ups with it that convert wel.

Fast WordPress Hosting

I felt so relieved when switching to Siteground. It’s extremely affordable, built for speed and their 24/7 WordPress support is outstanding. I love it!

WordPress theme

This is the most amazing WordPress theme I’ve ever used and I use it for all my websites. It has lots of possibilities & is very customizable.

Payment Provider

Stripe is awesome & easy to use in combination with ThriveCart. Their fees are reasonable & the dashboard looks great.

SEO Plugin

If you’re using WordPress you probably already know this one. It’s a free plugin that will help you improve your On-Site SEO a lot. I really can’t live without and have seen great results with it.

Website Speed Test

Your websites speed is very important. People expect websites to load within 3 seconds and if it takes any longer you’ll loose new potential customers fast. With this tool you can test your website for free and check what you can still improve.

Caching plugin

This plugin generates static html files from your dynamic WordPress blog. After a html file is generated your webserver will serve that file instead of processing the comparatively heavier and more expensive WordPress PHP scripts.

Video Hosting

I’m doing lots with video’s and to store them and use them on my website I use Vimeo Plus. It’s rather cheap, has analytics and you can customize the look & feel for embedding on your website.

Url Shorter

I like to use short links for everything and with you can also track the amount of clicks on every link. You can also use it to shorten long Messenger links.

How I build my courses

(for good looking & automated course platforms)

LMS Plugin

This is a great learning management system that integrates with WordPress. You can create courses, lessons and quizes with it. This allows you to track students their progress & allow them to mark lessons as complete.

Membership Plugin

This is a great WordPress Plugin to manage your members. You can automate user creation with it, but also make certain content visible for certain users. It integrates nicely with ActiveCampaign, which is epic.

WordPress Theme

I’m using Social Learner to style my membership sites. The theme is rather pricy, but definitely worth it. It looks great and their support is outstanding.

Content Creation

(Great tools to get more productive)

Online Storage

I’ve the complete G Suite from Google, but I’m basically only using Google Drive. Because I travel a lot I like to keep everything online, so that if my MacBook gets stolen one day I can just buy a new one and synchronize Google Drive with it.

Quick Video Recording

I really love Loom. It’s a browser plugin that will allow you to make video’s of your desktop and webcam faaaast. I’m almost using it for all my tutorials. And the best thing is that it is still completely free.

Video Editing

With Camtasia, it’s really easy to edit videos. You can quickly cut parts of a video, improve audio, blur sensitive parts and all kinds of other cool things.

Email Program

With Polymail you can do lots of smart stuff with your inbox. You can send messages in the future, mark messages to read later, create smart templates, track email opens and even send small campaigns with it.

Website & Application Blocker

Do you also get so easily distracted? Then this is for you! I totally love this app for Mac. You can set timers & pomodoro’s and during that time you can block distracting websites and apps so you can be way more productive.

To-do & creating lists

I’m using WorkFlowy to organize my brain, create lists, to-do’s & in some videos I use it as a reference sheet. The thing I like about it most is that it’s just sooo simple.

I only recommend tools I love & use myself. Some of these tools are completely free, but most are paid products. Just to be 100% transparant to you I would like to mention that there are some affiliate links on this page, which means I’ll get a small commission if you decide to buy one of these tools (but you won’t pay a cent extra, promise).

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