RightMessage Review for Marketers (2024)

This is my full review for RightMessage to help you make a decision if it’s right for you.

This is not some sleazy review I wrote after 1 hour of using RightMessage just to earn some affiliate cash 💸

I’ve been experimenting with this tool for my online business since 2019:

Proof of using RightMessage since 2019

And I’m still using it to this day in 2024.

So if you want to know:

What you can do with it.

If it’s worth the price.

The good and the bad.

And if it’s right for your business.

Then you’re in the right place my internet friend 🤓

Before we get started, I wanted to let you know that I sprinkled in some affiliate links on this page.

You pay the same amount if you use those links, and I get a few bucks to support my travel addiction 🌴

Let’s dive in! 🚀

What is RightMessage?

RightMessage is an online tool that helps you to personalize your marketing without coding.

And you can mainly do 3 things with it:

  1. Add surveys to your website to add visitors into segments.
  2. Use those segments to personalize the content on your website (headlines, testimonials, copy, images, videos, etc.).
  3. Grow your email list by adding a call-to-action to those surveys, or just as a standalone personalize call-to-action.

So you could, for example, ask a visitor what his biggest problem is.

The answer to that gets stored into a segment in RightMessage.

And then use that segment to change what’s on your website based on that segment 🤯

In the video below I’ll give you a quick tour of these things 🙃

Who’s behind RightMessage?

RightMessage was founded in 2017 by Brennan Dunn & Shai Schechter.

I had to do some digging and sniffing around to figure out more about them because RightMessage doesn’t have an about me page.

(so correct me if I’m wrong!)

I have been following Brennan for a while because of the way he was using Marketing Personalization for his other business, Double Your Freelancing.

With Double Your Freelancing, he is helping different kind of freelancers to find more clients & charge more.

(think about writers, developers, designers, marketers, consultants, etc.)

And with his background in programming, he developed a tool for himself that personalized his website depending on what kind of freelancer the visitor is.

And with Shai’s help, that tool resulted in RightMessage.


Shai is a web designer and developer, who started an app development consultancy in 2013.

He started early in life, build his first app at age 4 (say whaaat!!?), and his first website at age 7.

(holy crap, that’s impressive Shai!)

After running a few online businesses from the bedroom as a kid, he founded an events company at university.

With his love for software, he was able to launch some pretty unique events, like a Wall Street theme nightclub in which he installed screens and hacked the cash registers to make the drink prices rise and crash throughout the night.

Obviously, people loved it.

After that, he took an interest in online marketing and started personalizing the websites of his clients.

He, for example, would show a more premium call-to-action to visitors who already completed the basic one, which resulted in a big increase in conversions.

This was about at the same time as Brennan was also playing around with personalization.

Brennan shared all the things he was trying on Twitter, and a lot of marketers started to follow along.

That’s when he decided to launch a course so marketers could do the same to their own site.

It sold really well, and people loved the concepts.

But at the more technical parts of the course, they struggled to follow along.

That’s when Brennan & Shai started talking about creating a point-and-click tool any marketer could use on their own.

Examples & use cases

There are a lottttt of possibilities with RightMessage.

So many, that it can even be a bit overwhelming of where to get started.

Below a quick overview of some of my favorite use cases.

Use case #1 – Personalize your sales page

This is a no-brainer.

If you segment your visitors by who they are and what their biggest struggle is.

Then you can personalize all of your sales pages completely around that visitor.

Think about:

  • Personalizing the headline.
  • Personalizing the subheadline
  • Replacing the video by a different one that talks about their biggest struggle
  • Swapping out testimonials that are more relevant to that visitor.
  • Adding another question to the FAQ that talks about which objection that visitor might have.
  • Changing specific words in your copy to make it more relevant.

All these little personalizations will have a BIG impact.

Use case #2 – Personalize your checkout page

Someone just went through your sales page.

And was brave enough to click that daunting checkout button.

But you’re not done there.

The visitor didn’t purchase your product yet.

So to blow them away, personalize the heck out of it.

Swap out testimonials and list some benefits that are likely relevant to that person.

Use case #3 – Hide opt-ins to people who are already subscribed

Imagine you’re doing a weekly newsletter.

And in this weekly newsletter, you link so now and then to one of your new articles.

They visit the article.

And they get bombarded with opt-ins.

But why?

They are already on your list, right?

So it’s time to start hiding these babies depending on whether they’re subscribed to your list or not.

If they’re anonymous, show them.

If they’re subscribers, hide them or show something different instead.

Use case #4 – Show a different call-to-action based on who someone is

So instead of hiding the call-to-action on your pages for visitors who are already customers, you could also show a distinct call-to-action.

Not júst a call-to-action, no the pérfect call to action based on what you know about that visitor.

Use case #5 – Personalized content upgrades in your articles

A content upgrade is a download that’s very much related to the article.

So if I would write an article about website personalization.

I would have a content upgrade with something like this:

Website Personalisation Cheat Sheet
My 5 best personalization strategies to convert more visitors into customers.

But what if we would personalize that opt-in based on who’s looking at it?

Imagine I know someone is selling online courses.

Then I would change the opt-in to something like this:

Website Personalisation Cheat Sheet
My 5 best personalization strategies to sell more online courses.

Or if I would know that someone is offering coaching services.

I would change it to:

Website Perzonalisation Cheat Sheet For Coaches
My 5 best personalization strategies to get more coaching clients.

See how that would be more relevant than the generic example?

This would generate way more opt-ins.

Use case #6 – Adaptive pages

This will maybe not result in more customers.

But I love it because it saves me so much time by not having to create the same page over and over again.

I, for example, have one page that I use as a confirmation for alllll my freebies/downloads.

Here’s what that page looks like:

Example of an adaptive page that is personalized with RightMessage

See how the title changes based on the download someone requested?

So instead of having to create 10 different pages to achieve that, I have one that changes based on which download someone requested.

You create a segment for each download and then add ?download=checklist to the end of your success URL.

Superduper easy!

Use case #7 – Ask why people abandonment the cart

I haven’t tried this myself yet, but I came across it in the recipe library of RightMessage.

You create a segment for people that visited a specific checkout page in the last 7 days and exclude people who have purchased that product.

Then, you show a widget to these people asking why they abandonment the cart.

1️⃣ Did they find it too expensive? Give them a coupon.

2️⃣ Do they not have them? Tell them about the lifetime access.

3️⃣ Are they not sure if it will work? Tell them about your fantastic guarantee.

Setting this up inside RightMessage would look like this:

Example of a abandonment cart funnel in RightMessage

The green block is the segment you’ve created.

The yellow block is the question that you ask inside your widget.

And the purple blocks are what you offer based on their answer to that question.

Cool strategy, right?

Use case #8 – Use survey results to personalize your emails

For me, this one is HUGE.

People simply click an answer on the website.

And if they’re a subscriber, that answer gets stored as a segment inside the ESP (Email Service Provider).

Then, you can use that to personalize your emails.

It depends a bit on your ESP, but here’s how it works in ActiveCampaign:

Recording of how to add conditional content in ActiveCampaign emails

You create a block of text.

And then with conditional content, you select which people you want to show that piece of text.

So instead of sending the same boring email.

You can make the email relevant for that person by using what you know about them.

Think about personalizing based on who they are, which struggle they have, what their goals are, etc.

And if your emails are more relevant, more people will open them.

And if more people open them, you will sell more.

That’s freakin’ amazing if you ask me.



And really, there’s soooo much more.

Every week I’m discovering new things I could try.

I feel a bit like a kid in a candy store 🍭

What does it cost?

RightMessage their pricing is pretty straight forward.

You have two different plans:

  • CTA Plan for if you only want to segment & build your email list.
  • Personalize Plan for if you want to segment & build your email list aaand personalize your whole website based on that segmentation data.

As a marketer, the Personalize Plan would be my top pick, as it allows you to personalize your website.

(which I think is a huge new development for online business owners)

But no surprise, it’s also the most pricey plan as well:

Overview of RightMessage pricing

Plans are based on how many visitors your website(s) have.

For up to 10,000 monthly unique visitors, you pay $79 for the CTA Plan and $179 for the Personalize Plan.

(you can check out all pricing details here if you like)

And they also mention in their FAQ that you don’t have to worry that your plan automatically gets more expensive if you happen to exceed your quota once:

Q: What if I go over my monthly visitor limit? Or if my traffic fluctuates a lot?

A: We don’t automatically upgrade anyone. Our team keeps an eye on your account, and if you’re consistently going (greatly) over your traffic quota, we’ll reach out about upgrading you.

We know some companies are seasonal and that spikes in traffic happen. No matter what, you can rest assured knowing that we’ll always work with you 1-on-1 to make sure you’re only paying for the pricing plan you should be on.That’s pretty cool, I think.

Also, because it’s calculated based on visitors, you can also use it for as many websites as you like.

Which is superduper easy to manage too within RightMessage, you can easily switch websites:

How to change between websites in RightMessage

And if you have an enormous amount of visitors on your website (lucky you!), you could also decide to only load RightMessage on pages that you want to personalize to make it more affordable.

RightMessage will just calculate the total amount of visitors of all the pages on which you’ve loaded the RightMessage script.

Just keep in mind you can’t run surveys on your whole website then.

What’s support like?

I don’t know about you, but great support is really important to me.

Sometimes I get stuck, and I can’t continue without some help.

So then it reaaaaally sucks if you have to wait 5 days for a reply.

But with RightMessage, I usually get a reply within a day.

Sometimes even faster.

And what I also like is that their support is really personal.

Usually, I get an email back from one of the co-founders, Brennan or Shai.

I really like that, because it shows that they care.

I’ve also used lots of tools with massive customer bases who just outsourced their support to firms overseas without much product knowledge 🤦

Not a nice move.

But Brennan & Shai rock 🙌

They always help me out when I’m in need.

(and in the beginning that was quite often, lol)

On top of that, they’ve got a cool knowledge base with over 100 help articles.

Integrations: RightMessage + Your Email Service Provider

RightMessage integrates with most popular Email Service Providers (ESP).

Here’s a full list:

Overview of all integrations in RightMessage

And the possibilities of these integrations are really cool 😄

Let me give you some examples.

Synchronize with ESP

You can synchronize the answer of a survey to a custom field in your ESP.

First, you have to select the custom field you want to save the data into.

Then, per segment, you have to give a value that you want to save.

Here’s what that looks like:

Example of how to synchronize with your email service provider in RightMessage

So if a visitor answers a question, it will be automatically added to their subscriber profile.

(which you can use to personalize their emails)

And if you don’t have this visitor as a subscriber yet.

Then, this data will be stored until they give you their email address and then automatically synced to their profile 🎯

(that’s hugeeeeeee!)

But it also works the other way around.


You can automatically add someone to a segment when a custom field has a specific value, or when the subscriber has a specific tag.

In the example below, you see how I check if the subscriber’s Product Type – Main custom field equals physical products.

If yes, the subscriber gets automatically added to that segment.

Example of auto segmentation in RightMessage

That’s cool because if you already know to which segment someone belongs; there is no need for asking again.

So without asking again, you can start personalizing your website 🔥

But that’s not it.

Submit options for forms

You can also use RightMessage to collect email addresses.

And when someone gives their email address, you can either add them to a list, add a tag or submit a form.

Example of how to integrate a widget with your email service provider in RightMessage

And then you can start an automation to deliver whatever you promised.

Cool, right?

Pros & Cons

Ahh, the good old pros & cons list.

We’ve talked about a lot of stuff.

And I’ve already mentioned some of the good and bad stuff.

But let me sum it up for you on this list.


Personalize everything on your website: change copy, hide elements, replace images, swap out videos.

Being able to split opt-in statistics by segments.

Survey your website visitors & add them automatically to segments.

Sync segments with your Email Service Provider.

Use segmentation data from your Email Service Provider to personalize your website.

Multiple websites in one account.

Easy to get started with.


You can’t style the widgets entirely without some CSS knowledge, but they’re working on this.

It’s an investment; it’s not cheap.

Support can take a day to get back to you.

Lots of possibilities, which might be overwhelming.

And then, up next, the conclusion of this review.

Are you ready for it?

Let us wrap this thing up 🙌

So, should you get RightMessage?

I know it’s a rather pricy tool.

But if you ask me, it’s worth it.

You’re probably already personalizing your email marketing.

(if not, you should!)

So why not your website 😅

Imagine personalized opt-in forms, personalized sales pages, personalized checkout pages.

Just think for a minute ⏰

What could that do for your business?



Back? Ok.

To help you make a decision, I’ve got a simple question for you.

Will personalizing your website at least generate $179 more revenue every month? 💸

If the answer is yes, you should click this fancy affiliate link and start your 14-day free trial right now.

Then you have 2 weeks to figure out if you want to keep it before they bill you a single cent.

Seriously, I haven’t been so excited about a tool for a while.

RightMessage icon


My rating: 4.7/5

14-Day Free Trial • From $79/month

RightMessage is a bit on the pricey side, but I’m so excited that tools like this exist. Segmenting your visitors/email list is amazing, and personalizing your website is now not only for internet giants anymore.

I earn a commission if you click this button and make a purchase, at no additional cost to you.

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